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  5. Frank75139

    New costome-Lak Sivrak

    This is awesome, great job! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. gSkruBg

    New costome-Lak Sivrak

    This is awesome! I love the way you did the feet! Very creative.
  7. De Jawa Vu

    New costome-Lak Sivrak

    Sounds like fun.
  8. Jago


    yes the picture i attached is me. i builded the biker from scratch to film accurat. i am approved with it in the rebel legion. that was the point to maybe build an CRL for him as an Denizen and approve him in my beloved Garrison
  9. De Jawa Vu


    I guess we have a wait and see deal as always. Either way the big question is has anyone started building any of them?
  10. thebrighton


    Well Benthic and Edrio were both placed in the Underworld detachment but I recall it was very touch and go if they were suitable for the 501st as they were clearly Rebels and can't remember why they were finally accepted. Since then a fair chunk of the LMO team has changed so opinions may have changed. Ultimately it will be down to them again.
  11. Jago


    I have a question about the Partisans that escorting The Pilot Body. There is one Biker Scout seen. I did the full Costume of him and maybe is it possible to approve that costume as an Denizen? I think it should be possible because Benthic was approved too.
  12. Antar

    • Antar
    • TrooperVic

    Hello, good morning, how are you? I'll ask you a question, we are from Argentina from the garrisonst501. and we have several members in approval of the Kryt Clan since we want to retake the arming of our local Clan. What could we do?

  13. Boots are almost finished Have to heat up the buckles to shape them to the shoe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks been balancing this and like a few other costumes. Boots have been finished also so will post them soon. I have also finished pants and just need to fix the tunic to have like a RTOJ Luke skywalker style closing tunic. Funny thing is the fabric I bought is heat resistant welding fabric so fits the theme of the character. Just need to weather it or leave it in the sun to fade the color to make it look worn. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Whoa! looks amazing so far!
  16. So finished printing some of the stuff, Have to do a little sanding with 400 and 600 grit and just paint and install lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Nepega Fico

    Nepega Fico

    Hi, I have no idea how to use this website! Thanks!

  18. All models completed started to print out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Welcome! I cannot wait to see everything! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hi James, This looks vaguely familiar Good luck with the build.
  21. Scrapper Guild Watchman - Bad Batch Season 1 ep 7 - 8 Information on Scrapper Guild The Scrapper Guild was established during the Clone Wars, when the facilities on Bracca was optimized to efficiently dismantle and salvage capital ships, a process known as "scrapping" which soon became the most profitable industry on Bracca. The Guild expanded and adapted its enormous scrapyards to handle the disposal of many types of starships and vehicles, as well as the recycling and repurposing of related technology and infrastructure. During the war, sympathizers from the Guild aided the Confederacy of Independent Systems in an attempt to wrestle the system away from Galactic Republic control. In response to this, the newly formed Galactic Empire cut wages and lowered safety standards within Bracca's scrapyards. Despite these cutbacks, the Guild began an expensive campaign to find favor with the Empire by focusing on eradicating any vehicles, equipment and technology associated with the Galactic Republic. Shortly after the formation of the Empire, the Bad Batch, a group of rogue clone commandos, visited Bracca with former Clone Captain Rex to remove their inhibitor chips in the medical bay of a wrecked Venator-class Star Destroyer. To avoid Scrapper Guild patrols, they landed their ships in a hangar some distance from the Star Destroyer and walked in. When Wreaker asked why they had landed where they did, the group had to take cover from a Guild patrol on a hover barge, and Rex explained that they controlled the planet. Later that night, after the surgeries had taken place and Rex parted ways with the Batch, two Guild members on patrol saw squad leader Hunter outside of the wreckage, and one ordered that the Empire be notified about the intruders. This isn’t so much a WIP build. References and finished costume soon to come, all 3D models are completed and printing at the moment. I won’t post anything till I have fully completed the costume. As I have learned a finish product speaks more then just words and pictures of references. All models have been given room to allow LED lighting or electronics to cover future levels of the CRL if wanted. Will post finished costume with comparisons to the References from the animated series. The references are at highest quality obtainable from the web series that where screen captures taken frame by frame, with a 360 view of the character when possible. References used have been digitally lit so that correct details could have been seen in dark moments, so that models made where accurate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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