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  5. lordvelden

    Carolina Garrison CO discussion

    Thank you for looking into this for me. I do appreciate the help.
  6. M.J.

    Carolina Garrison CO discussion

    Hello Jeremy so sorry for the late reply, all the DCA did research on the goggles, movie stills and including looking at the current CRL. The only suggestion that we would request changed to Brad's costume, would be to stiffen the hood brim so it doesn't "wibble" over the goggles. Sorry it wasn't as informative as you might of wanted. Though we are taking in everything that was said here and looking into it for future reference.
  7. M.J.

    Carolina Garrison CO discussion

    Hi ya Jeremy, So you dont worry I was one the one that just deleted all the email address's and some of the full names. I'm going to touch base with the other DCA have a good look for you. So bare with us. You could also pop this in the GML area and we could also be help you there, its also more private, I'm pretty sure as a CO you can enter it.
  8. Hello I am the the CO of the Carolina Garrison and I am trying to resolve a issue that we are having about approvals of a Character in your Detachment. What follows is the the emails back and forth. Hope all is well and you’re hanging in there! I reached out to James to get a second opinion on what I submitted based on reference pics and pics of others with the approved costume in other garrisons. Can I get your assistance with communicating to James about my inquiry? Thanks in advance! Brad Begin forwarded message: From: Brad<> Date: Ma
  9. Hal Hickel (ILM Animation Director) has been posting pics from his day on the set of R1 over on Twitter. The edges do seem to have a finish to them, on the cowl at least. And note the different types of material. Beautiful shot of how the cowl is constructed from behind: https://photos.app.goo.gl/F2Rhb6A7HbitvoSB9 I think it's a medium thickness wool (according to the actor I spoke to) and has a rectangle sand papered down to view out of (zoom in and note the wrinkling around where the eyes actually are) https://photos.app.goo.gl/mBUK424bd8RB1Dhu8
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