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  3. CheezWiz

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    • vt357

    Do you still sell these gunstock Gaffi’s?

  4. navarre1095

    tusken raider ANH (male)

  5. Django

    tusken raider ANH (male)

    It's in the DENIZENS of KC.
  6. Django

    tusken raider ANH (male)

    welcome to here, but it's seems you are in a wrong place. Tusken Raider have own place in KC.I am ready for Tusken Raider too. I'm from China, so my English is very bad.
  7. Maty.burda

    tusken raider ANH (male)

    it´s tusken raider ANH (male).
  8. Maty.burda

    tusken raider ANH (male)

    Hello there! XD I'm Matthew and I'm from the Czech Republic. I'm pretty desperate because I'm perhaps the first active tusken here. I started to make a costume, but I still don't know a lot of things. I'm a cadet and it's my first CRL costume. The main thing I need to advise is the kind of fabric I don't want to buy bad, any advice I like to hear. thank you very much!
  9. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Brotherhood of Beatific Countenance CRL Discussion

    Sweet job making this happen Chuck, best of luck!
  10. I think the fabric is leather not a wool..
  11. sylverbard

    Brotherhood of Beatific Countenance CRL Discussion

    red material looks wollen....
  12. sylverbard

    Brotherhood of Beatific Countenance CRL Discussion

    beat me to it.
  13. navarre1095

    Brotherhood of Beatific Countenance CRL Discussion

    Red shirt and pants Red under robe #1 Mustard yellow lining in sleeves, raw edges. Seam ON TOP. No seam on bottom of sleeve Robe #2 short sleeve T-tunic with 6-inch yellow squares at 6 O'clock and 9 O'clock. Seam top and bottom of sleeve. Apron has a straight mustard panel in front. The red fabric is sewn to the yellow panel in two places allowing for generous draping. The back is a single red panel with no detail. The box I used is 17 inches tall and 8.5 inches on all sides. Make the head look like this.
  14. I just got off a lengthy chat with Matthew Dale, the actor in one of the red box head Jedha Pilgrim costumes. As usual, there's a whole lot more to the costume than one would imagine. Red pants Black shoes White inner robe Simple long sleeve T-tunic with mustard yellow lining in the sleeves. The lining only need to extend 6-8 inches up the sleeve. The cut edge of the fabric is not turned in. The sleeve seam is on top. I don't know the correct term yet but that seam needs to stick out(?) of the sleeve. (I'll edit this when I find the right way to say it). Simple short sleeved T-tunic. The sleeves are elbow length and have hemmed edges a 4 inch wide mustard yellow square must protrude approximately 4 inches from the top and bottom of the sleeve. This sleeve also has that weird hem thingy on the top. Apron: The apron is a poncho-like garment that extends down the back in a single solid red piece with no yellow showing. The front consists of a straight mustard yellow piece that has a red portion that has two large drapes, one just above the navel and another above the knees. The yellow should be about 1/2 to 1 inch wider that the red on each side.
  15. thebrighton


    A great, positive move Chuck as I did fear the KC stagnating costumes wise. I can see many of these characters slotting nicely into the KC
  16. PhantomEcho

    Jakku Denizens

  17. PhantomEcho


  18. lordabell


    Some of those are sweet and would be good additions.
  19. navarre1095


  20. navarre1095


    I hereby lay claim to all those that make the pilgrimage to Jedha. Please dump all your reference images here so we can start the CRL process.
  21. Alaskan_Salmon_Raider

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    • Raider of the Lost Arts

    Welcome to the Sandbox! Look forward to seeing your completed Raider. 

  22. Michael_Breunig

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    • Shiggles

    Happy Birthday Shiggles! 

  23. Michael_Breunig

    • Michael_Breunig
    • abilio30

    Hi Abilio30,

    I can trade a German Garrison Patch, that´s all I got so far , really do not know if your interested in a 501st German Garrison Patch?

    Let me know if you would be interested, or  would you want to sell it?

    I am also looking for the Standard Logo Krayt Clan Patch!  



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