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Material for Jawa robe

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I am looking to make a Jawa costume and was wondering what material I could use for the costume any recommendations would be great 

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Hi Brody,


Welcome to the forum.

Hope you finish your Jawa soon.

The most recommended and used fabric, I think, is monk cloth.


You can find it thru the internet in eBay, etc...


If you want a physical stores, in Europe you find it in IKEA as little blanket named: ODRUN.


Male sure you also get a good pattern to the costume.

Have a good build.


Abílio 30591 from Portugal


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Hello Brody, Abilio  pointed out some good information there.

Depending on where you are in the world Monks cloth can be hard to get and postage quite costly. 
if you find an alternative let us know 

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Hi Kelly---new member here.  Does this forum host any sewing patterns for the Jawa robes/hood?



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HI ya Kyle..

Oh that we have, for over 8 years ..been updated through the years as well

 Take a look in Jawa soft parts sub forum I have at least 2 pinned  threads with Patterns.



If you're looking for the OW Jawa (Mandalorian) just pop into that sub forum and you will find another pinned thread.

You can start your own thread and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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