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Carolina Garrison CO discussion


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Hello I am the the CO of the Carolina Garrison and I am trying to resolve a issue that we are having about approvals of a Character in your Detachment.

 What follows is the the emails back and forth.


Hope all is well and you’re hanging in there!

I reached out to James to get a second opinion on what I submitted based on reference pics and pics of others with the approved costume in other garrisons. 

Can I get your assistance with communicating to James about my inquiry?

Thanks in advance!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Brad<>
Date: March 23, 2021 at 10:38:53 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Garindan Costume Submission

Greetings and I hope all is well!

Any update on the email below?

Thanks in advance!

On Mar 17, 2021, at 2:06 AM, Brad  wrote:


You were copied on the email below back in August when I first submitted my Garindan costume. While I agree on the 1” strap missing from the goggles, I don’t agree with the rest of the corrections.

Below are two examples of 501st member with their approved Garindan costumes. Both have square, 90 degree angles on the goggles and the second pic shows someone using the same mask I am.  The hoods vary on both from way above the googles to pulled down so close that the fabric bridges across. Both do not have a “washer” between the goggles matching the CRL. 

Another reference image comes from a short story called Cantina Communications which was published in Star Wars Official Poster Monthly 16, The Star Wars Compendium 2:  The World of Star Wars, and archived on Hyperspace.  You’ll find the hood is even further down than the previous two along with the washer not matching the CRL pics, the stitching across the bridge of the nose is an X pattern and not a zig zag, and the goggles having sharp, 90 degree edges. 

If you could review my costume, the Imgur link is in the original email below, and compare it to the other two 501st members along with the CRL, I would appreciate it. 




Thanks in advance!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Andrew 
Date: August 23, 2020 at 11:35:02 PM EDT
To: Brad 
Cc: jimmy28532
Subject: Re: Garindan Costume Submission

Hello Brad,

This Garindan costume is well on its way to approval.  While most of the costume passes basic approval, there are a few items which must be addressed from the CRL before we can add this costume to your roster.

The snout, has visible cross "Stitching" down sides and around snout where it meets the face.
While the snout has stitching at the bridge of the nose, it is an X-stitch, and you will see in the visual reference in the CRL, it's a zig-zag (or Z-stitch) all around the snout.
Dark Grey or black in color.
Smooth front plate with protruding lens rings.
Lenses are dark enough to hide the wearers eyes.
Unmodified safety goggles with visible side vents are not allowed.
A round washer-like greeblie is located in the middle of the goggles which stands out from the goggles.
While your mask contains the text elements of the CRL, it does not match the visual reference for the Goggles.  You will see in the visual reference (link below) the goggles have rounded edges, and a black elastic 1" strap.  Also, the washer-like greeblie is incorrect.  Again, see the visual reference in the CRL.
Outer Cloak
The hood has a small lateral peak just above the goggles (similar to a short baseball cap brim) which raises the hood above and away from the goggles.
The hood opening may have a hidden piece of wire / plastic / leather, around the face, to maintain the proper shape.
You'll notice in your first picture, the front edge of the outer cloak droops.  By adding the additional structure, the front of the cloak will frame your mask better.




On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 10:12 PM Brad  wrote:

Please see the link below for my photos of my Garindan costume submission. Please let me know if you need any other info or pictures. 



Brad Mellon

Drew Huckey
Carolina Garrison GML

"IMPERIUS UNITADA OBER TOTALLEX" ~ Galactic Empire Propaganda Division

SL-61515 TPM Darth Maul
TK-61515 ANH Stunt Stormtrooper 
TI-61515 ROTJ TIE Pilot Reserve
BB-8 Builders Club Member

Greetings again!

Below is another example of this costume approved less than 24 hours ago by another garrison with goggles, hood, and washer on the goggles with the issues where mine was needing corrections. 

On Mar 31, 2021, at 5:17 PM, Brad

Hope all is well and you’re hanging in there!
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Hi ya Jeremy,

So you dont worry I was one the one that  just deleted all the email address's and some of the full names.

I'm going to  touch base with the other DCA have a good look for you. So bare with us.   

You could also pop this in the GML area and we could also be help you there, its also more private,  I'm pretty sure as a CO you can enter it. 

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Hello Jeremy so sorry for the late reply, all the DCA  did  research on the goggles, movie stills and including looking at  the current CRL.

The only suggestion that  we  would request changed to Brad's costume, would be to stiffen the hood brim so it doesn't "wibble" over the goggles.

Sorry it wasn't as informative as you might of wanted. Though we are taking in everything that was said here and looking into it for future reference.


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Thank you for looking into this for me. I do appreciate the help.

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